Slovenian Philharmonics

Slovenian Philharmonics has a long-standing and very intensive history, which goes back to as far as the early 18th century. As it is written on the building, it was founded in 1701, which makes it one of the oldest orchestras in the world. The sign actually refers to Academiae Philharmonicorum, which later became Philharmonic Society in 1794 and officially recognized by Glasbena matica (The Music Society) after more than a century, in the year of 1908. During the inter-war years music activity stopped, until January 13th 1948, when it was re-established and did an opening concert. Many famous men became honorary members of the Slovenian Philharmonic, such great names as Josef Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Nicolo Paganini, Johannes Brahms and many others.