What color backdrop for glass photography?

Hi, I am an artist who recently got a BFA in sculpture. I now have a job working in a glass factory that does sandblasted etching and carving. We are a small company and our website is totally DIY. It is part of my job to take prodect photos for our website. I know a bit about photography, but nothing about taking pictures of glass. We are currently in the process of setting up a photo area for large items, like tables ect. I have done some online research about his type of photography and found some good tips (light from behinde or above, black panels to either side, etc.), but I have to choose a backdrop. What color should it be? It is very important that the etched art be visible. I am thinking maybe a light color, and if we shine the light on one area, the others will be dark in the photo, but what do I know? Someone please adivse me because I really don't know what I'm doing. Any other good glass photo tips would also be welcome!