Umm shattered glass?

So in my dream im in Canada camping and its a ‘sorta’ boot camp lack of a better word and there are roller coasters there and some person steals my food and so i have to call my parent to bring me some food so once she gives me it I tell them to call me once they get home and they don’t call so i fly there to see whats up and the car is in the driveway and the windshield is shatterd and is all over the place so i go inside and there is shattered glass all over the floor and i find my parents aginst the wall looking like there dieing of heat so i go to my sisters bedroom and i see a freezer and i get popsicals for some reason and so after that i grab some cheetos and fly back to camp and i have to rake the dirt outside for planting and chip the old wallpaper off can anyone help me Inturpret this?