Tiny glass shards?!?!?!?

I just noticed the other day that there seems to be ultra tiny glassy looking things randomly floating in my 55 gal aquarium. What are these things? Ive never seen them before, of I have just never noticed. There is nothing in the tank x-cept a heater, a filter, and a brand new powerhead. Only water and gravel w/ a few small plants…no fish yet. I dont want to add fish w/o knowing what the hell this stuff is. Some of it it sticking to my glass and almost looks like the glass is peeling right off!!!!! This stuff is tiny, prob .5-2mm in most cases. HELP PLEASE!
I forgot to mention that the filter I was useing broke and I havent removed it yet. I dont know if that would have anything to do with it or not. But do not worry…I have a very nice powerhead circulating the water until I can get my new bio-wheel put in.

The prob with taking it to a pet store to test it is that I live on a mountain and the nearest pet store is two hours away.

All plants are real in the tank as well and no other decor yet.

I washed and thoroghly boiled the gravel before I put it in the tank…That is why I am baffeled by it.

It seems to have appeared after my filter broke…but i have a foam filter attached to my powerhead that has taken care of most of the tiny things xcept what is stuck to the side of the glass. It looks as though the aquarium is peeling!?!? It is a couple of years old so why is it doing it now????