‘The Empty Glass’, a new piece, please offer some input?

The Empty Glass

Tonight we sit around
We fill our glasses to the brim
We talk, we laugh, we reminisce
As we gather around an empty glass

We tell tales of daring deeds
Anecdotes of laws broken
Play by plays of successful escapes
And one glass alone stays dry

We tell horror stories of drunkenness
Scary tales of beer goggles gone astray
Ghost stories of innebriated victories
Yet a sole glass remains unfilled

Good times are relived,making us smile
Sad times are remembered, misting our eyes
The average day is missed, and mourned
All the while one glass is left untouched

We gather here to pay homage
We congregate to share our pain and joy
We come forth to honor a memory
To the owner of that empty glass

So let us raise our glasses high
Let each of us say our piece
We shall drink to a memory
Drink for a glass to be filled no more