Strange event happened: A glass just turned into tiny pieces of dustlike glass while I was holding it, why?

Well, that´s about it, I´d just picked a glass (made of a very thick glass by the way, about 2,1 mm or so) for I was going to have a drink in my place, and then, as soon as I got the glass in my hand, It felt to be actually ‘undoing’ itself into fine grains of glass. The glass was of a fair quality. It had been in my possession for more then ten years and I used it very often, probably everyday, I still have four more just like it. It had absolutely no scratches nor had it ever fallen to the ground or anything that could have compromised it´s physical integrity. When I got the glass I made absolutely no pressure on it, it was empty, for I was going to get a bottle of coke, and then it turned into dust right there in my hand. HELP! WHAT THE *@#$ WAS THAT? I don´t know, I figured it might have something to do with estatic electricity, but I can´t explain it. Can someone tell me what happened?