Sliding glass shower door for corner?

My 2nd bathroom has a very small entrance (30″). Inside, immediately after the doorway, there is probably another 3″ on 1 side and another 1′ on the other side of the wall where the basin is. I want to change the current wood door to a sliding frosted glass (or plexiglass) door that is able to slide past one of the corners onto the side wall. The opposite wall has a mini basin 1’x10″ which i am not going to move.

I’m thinking the door will probably run on tracks that are curved at the corners and will have to be of a flexible material or else it will be jointed in many places for it to work.

Does anyone know where I can get such a door or if it even exists? Website URLs will be great.

I’ve seen plastic doors that can do the job but I’m looking for something as close to real glass as possible, and the plastic ones just don’t do.