Removing moisture from inbetween 2 pieces of glass in front door????

A few days ago some kids eggd our front door and house at night so after we found it in the morning it was on there so long that it was stuck like super glue.

we got out the house with no luck…so i got out the pressure washer (gas) and got the egg off the house an walkway, i must say…the washer just had enough pressure to take it off even with a strong nossle.

anyways i didnt want to take the stain or anything off our front door so i used the pressure washer on it while staying furthur back but it seemed to have forced some water inbetween the 2 pieces of glass in the right side door

here are some photos of the door and the side with water as well as the side without any water.…

I can see some wooden plugs on the door around the window…maby thats how they closed the glass in as they made the door but I dont see any way to get those out without drilling them out which would distroy the door anyways.