New ashes trophy: would u like to see the ashes urn set inside a cricket ball sized piece of unbreakable glass

to be part of a new ashes trophy that could be won and taken away by the winning ashes team.
[i am english…] but i am sick of seeing the australian team winning the contest but not being allowed to take the ashes home.
you could have a sparkling new trophy, all glass and silver, that would be the envy of the world cup.
i think the people who are not letting the winners take the ashes home with them are embarassing the world of cricket.
in the modern age with the materials and technology available…it is easy to make a trophy with the ashes urn at its centre…visible through glass or crystal that is constructined in such a way that it would be inpossible to break even if thrown against the ground with some force.

wouldnt it be better to see the winning team actually hold aloft the real ashes set inside the new trophy for all the crowd to see.