More chem questions (THESE ARE EXAMPLES) please help?

17) Classify each of the following as either a physical or chemical change.
a) Mothballs gradually vaporizing in a closet.
b) A French chef making a sauce with brandy is able to burn off the alcohol from the Brandy, leaving just the brandy flavoring.
c) Hydrofluoric acid attacks glass and is is used to etch calibration marks on laboratory glass ware.
d) Calcium chloride lowers the temperature at which water freezes and can be used to melt ice on side walks.
e) An antacid tablet fizzes and releases carbon dioxide when it comes into contact with hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
f) Baking soda fizzes if mixed with vinegar.
g) Chemistry majors usually get holes in their clothes from the acid they work with.
h) Whole mild curdles if vinegar is added.
i) A piece of rubber stretches when you pull on it.
j) Rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly form the skin.
k) Acetone is used to dissolve and remove nail polish.