Is VIN etching truly an effective deterrent for car thieves?

I recently purchased my dream car, and now am wondering about other aspects of security. I am outfitted with the typical alarm, but I am thinking outside that form of security.

For those of you who are not familiar, VIN etching this is a process where you chemically etch the VIN number of your car into each pane of glass on the car.
I'm sure it would deter the casual thief, but wouldn’t it make it easier for the professional to copy your VIN number? I have heard that duplicate papers can be easily made from just the number, so should I take the opposite road and cover the VIN completely and work that angle?
I know that on most of the expensive body parts on my car, the VIN number is already etched right into the metal from the factory, so that makes it more difficult to sell these parts once they’ve been stolen.
Which method do you feel is more effective, or none at all? Please give an explanation with your answer, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.