I need to buy or create glass that’s non-reflective. Help?

I’m doing a special art project. Without going into too much detail (commercial art project), I need to photograph various flat items THROUGH a piece of glass (like you get with a frame for framing family photos). The glass holds the materials flat for photos.
The project requires some very bright lights directed AT the glass/item, and as of now, I’m getting a LOT of undesired reflection, when all I want to see is the object/material UNDER the glass. What I’m seeing is ME, the lights, and the camera. I only want to see what’s UNDER the glass.
Can someone suggest where I might find ‘non-reflective glass’ that would do the job? I heard many years ago that there’s a product you can SPRAY on the glass that is invisible, but that prevents the reflections. Anyone know about this? Please let me know what I can do about this, because I’m actually trying to create a cottage industry that could eventually employ a LOT of people. (I’m trying to ‘give back’ and make a buck.)