I have established my self as a good glass maker in the field of dichroic beads,?

untill now i have been selling to wholesalers or jobbers who untill now have been reselling them at a hefty mark up,this is understandable as they do the leg work.i need to make a change,i need some thoughts here?as this is a one man show and the beads mostly go to a few bead shops i cant handle the ad work and am restricted to the beads i can make a day.i am quasi famous in this feild and took a long time to get there.i think e bay may be the way to go as i dont want to haggle with prices,.send pamphletts or talk on phone to long,will Ebay be a good thing for a guy like me?i know im reaching people with bussiness smarts(thats YOU reading this) and i guess to sum it it up is ebay the way to go if my expertees is concetrated on the production end of the one-man show,i have ruled out a web page because every bead i make sells out fast.thank you for your help and this company buys all raw materials in usa where i may be creating a glass bead from your disscarded pop bottle.