I have a scar from being cut by glass, and everyone thinks the glass is probably still in there?

A while back, like when school was still going on, it could have even been last year, I got cut by glass. I was walking by my dad’s glass cabinet full of all his important stuff, and the glass was broken on it and some pieces were sticking out, so a piece of glass slipped right in my arm as I walked by. I didn’t even feel it at first, but blood started pouring out immediently. Like, it was everywhere. I ran out to my dad, and he pulled the glass out. The thing was at least two or three inches long. So then, my mom and grandpa cleaned up my arm and put some medicine on it, and then put a big band-aid on it. My arm was numb for a loooong time after that and sorta still is, and my cut bled alot. Now it’s a scar in the shape of a heart, no I’m not making that up either, and it kind of tingles when people touch it. It’s got like a bump thing goin’ on, so my grandma and aunt and a few other people think some glass is still in there, but I don’t feel it if it is. Do u think it’s still there?