I bought a “Painting” made out of glass or cut stones and need to find out about it.?

I bought two pictures today that hang on the wall like paintings but appear to be made out of cut stones, (like jade and rose quartz,) or out of glass.
They’re made in Taiwan according to the lable on the back and they claim to take pride in their work. (It looks like it too.)
It says, “This product is created by us. We produce varieties of designs and win good reputation in both local and overseas markets. Please recognize this TRADE-MARK.”
Then it says “Pattern 216, (the second one is 216-3.) Made in Taiwan.
It also has some kind of indescribable trademark plus chinese writing on it.
I will gladly email a picture of it to anyone who can maybe identify it for me.
Or, can you tell me where I can find out?