I aquired this clock when I was 12 and I would like to know aproximately how much it is worth can anyone help?

The clock has printed on it’s front ” Sportart official licenced product by stamford art” and has a three pictures of Wayne Gretzky on it’s stained glass surface. One is his very young (20’s or younger) face. Another is him celebrating a goal, and the last one is him shooting on a goalie and puting the puck between his legs. The golie is wearing a white jersy with #32 on the arms and has a puck crest. There is also an etched in autograph by Wayne in the middle of the clock on the bottom right corner. Wayne is wearing his oilers uniform in all the pictures, but there are no crests on any of his jersy’s, only 99 is printed on them. The clock has beautiful metal hands and the frame is a thick soft golden brown wood in pristine condition. It was owned by an elderly man before myself and was gifted to me before his passing. He was going to throw it out. On the back is printed “Stamford Art registered tm. Toronto Ontario. Vancouver BC. Romulus(Detroit) michigan.” Clock is in perfect cond.