How to fix a crack in a glass terrarium?

I just bought a 20 gallon glass terrarium for my two leopard geckos a few days ago. The temperature is about 78 degrees because I forgot to get a new lamp fixture when I bought the tank, so I used an old heat lamp. Problem, the cord for the heat lamp is kinda short (doesn’t reach the top of the tank), so I had to be creative about where to put the lamp. After an hour, I finally got it clamped somewhere on my desk, but the closest I could get the lamp was near the middle of my tank a few inches from the glass. Long story short, a minute ago I heard a loud CRACK, and there’s three cracks going from the bottom of the tank, and one of those is long enough that it almost reaches the top of the tank. My question: how do I fix this? I’m a college student with no car, so I don’t have access to anything special, all I have is Scotch Maximum Strength Adhesive. Can I use this? Is there a better way to fix the crack that’s feasible and not too expensive?