How is glass created?

How is glass created, all i know is that there created from sand but how does this process work?

  1. Fairground
    on November 30th, -0001

    The sand, which is high in silica or what will soon be glass, is melted down. While the mixture is liquid, impurities layer out and are removable. And that’s basically it.

  2. FallingMoon
    on November 30th, -0001

    its kind of like smelting metals, you super heat it until it turns to the gooey glass like material before you shape it and let it cool.

    im going to be honest I can’t back that up since its just a guess haha.

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How is glass created?

How was glass created?

  1. BlindPoet
    on November 30th, -0001

    In short. Glass is made by heating sand at high temperatures then molded to their desired shapes with special blowing tools.

  2. Cat
    on November 30th, -0001

    It was an accident, when a lightning hit sand, later the people saw the first glass Cristal, created by the lightning.

  3. OpenRoad
    on November 30th, -0001

    you basically melt sand and the other particals in the sand will make it different colors

  4. KittyInCollinder
    on November 30th, -0001

    ‘Glass’ is a pretty general, catch-all term that covers a lot of things. But something such as simple window glass is simply silica (sand) that has been heated to the melting point and formed into whatever shape is desired.

    There are a *bunch* of different compositions of theings that are called glass. Things such as calcite, quartz, and other minerals are sometimes added to give various optical characteristics and colors.


  5. CookieMonster
    on November 30th, -0001


  6. LighteningBolt
    on November 30th, -0001

    Glass was first created when The Teleknoinks dropped a nuclear bomb on the Sandninks. The bomb exploded and turned all the sand in the desert to glass. I guess history always repeats itself. Ponder that one.

  7. Musicmaker
    on November 30th, -0001

    >Pure silica (SiO2) has a melting point of about 2,000° C (3,600° F), and while it can be made into glass for special applications (see fused quartz), other substances are added to common glass to simplify processing. One is soda (sodium carbonate Na2CO3), which lowers the melting point to about 1,000° C (1,800° F). However, the soda makes the glass water-soluble, which is usually undesirable, so lime (calcium oxide, CaO), some MgO and aluminum oxide are added to provide for a better chemical durability. The resulting glass contains about 70 to 72 percent silica by weight and is called a soda-lime glass. Soda-lime glasses account for about 90 percent of manufactured glass.<

  8. StoneHenge
    on November 30th, -0001

    By “GOD” All things were “created” by GOD!!!

  9. Cat
    on November 30th, -0001

    Glass is made from heating sand to an extremely high temperature then molded into the shapes we desire.

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