How do i get glass out of my foot?

i dropped a glass on the floor but i obviously didn’t pick up all the pieces,coz i just stood on some,it’s very tiny but it really hurts,i tryed to get it out not knowing what it was but as i bent down to pick whatever i thought it was it broke off half way then i realised it was the glass,now my question is what is the best way to get it out?

  1. Hippie
    on November 30th, -0001

    It is best to see a doctor. A doctor will xray the foot to make sure all of the glass has been removed by using forceps(tweezers).

    If your foot heals with bits of glass in it then you may experience pain when walking.

    Hydrogen peroxide is best to help remove debris from cuts. It “foams” debris from cuts and abrasions.

  2. CaliforniaDream
    on November 30th, -0001

    With your hands…

  3. FallingMoon
    on November 30th, -0001

    by taking it out

  4. Micheal
    on October 9th, 2015

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How do i get glass out of my foot?

Okay so yesturday i had stepped on a piece of glass and i tried taking it out but it wouldnt come out so i stopped walking and today it started to hurt and i tried it again and it still didnt work and i dont have health insurance and cant afford a hospitial bill any hometips i can use to get it out?

  1. Aravis
    on November 30th, -0001

    My son goes to a “free clinic” A vist costs him$5 cause of his income and child support. Also they help with lab test discounts and drugs. check the internet or your yellow pages or ask a local hospital, doctor, or clinic. But I would be afraid of infection or some nerve being cut in the process

  2. Solitarygrowth
    on November 30th, -0001

    buddy you might get some serios infection.. go to the doctor

  3. Connie
    on November 30th, -0001


  4. DarkDesire
    on November 30th, -0001

    I’m with Flava Flave.

  5. Casper
    on November 30th, -0001

    You might have to cut your foot open in the area where the glass is and remove it, use a tweezers. Plus clean it out good with alcohol.

  6. FootballFan
    on November 30th, -0001

    Go to the doctor, have a friend or family pay for it. youll get infected. so will your foot.

  7. Style
    on November 30th, -0001

    If it small enough, use tweezers.

  8. DonkeyKong
    on November 30th, -0001

    Soak it in warm water for a long time. This helps the glass move towards the surface where you can more easily reach it. Be patient. Keep soaking it and don’t put weight on it. Eventually, you should be able to pull it out. Use a magnifying glass and a fine needle soaked in antiseptic.

  9. StarbucksCoffee
    on November 30th, -0001

    it is fairly difficult to remove glass from your own foot.
    i would, under your circumstances, have a friend with great eyesight and a steady hand help you to remove the glass after you wash the area very well.
    bandage it after appying an antibiotic cream such as neosporin or similar cream if you are not allergic to it.
    keep it dry.
    under normal circumstances, with all the glass removed, it should heal very quickly.

  10. Casper
    on November 30th, -0001

    get ahold of some one thats not squeemish about feet or blood.have them come over, bring rubber gloves and lots of perixide.

    see if the glass can be seen. if not, call for help, cause it’s workrd it’s self further in there by walking on it.

    If it can be seen, then grab a bunch of tweezers and try to work it out to the point, ware the glass can be gotten ahold of.

  11. RainbowPop
    on November 30th, -0001

    Going to a doctor woulld be the best choice. It would be difficult and painful to remove your self but not impossiable.

  12. YvY
    on November 30th, -0001

    Can you afford to get an infection and possibly lose your foot? I didn’t think so. Go see a doctor and make payment arrangements! It’s worth it to keep your foot! Best wishes!

  13. NeverAlone
    on November 30th, -0001

    well it depends on how big of glass it is. if it is a small piece of glass then i would use tweesers or something. but if it is big i would go to the doctors immediatley (not walking on that foot) and even if u cant afford it i would get it removed because it might save ur life
    good luck!

  14. ChocolateDrop
    on November 30th, -0001

    Somewhere in the area there should be a hospital that accepts indigent patients. While you might not be completely indigent, you still may qualify for care at greatly reduced cost and they will arrange for a payment plan,

    These hospitals are usually associated with a State university medical college.

    Call the hospitals in the area and ask them where they send indigent patients.


  15. ConverseShoesRule
    on November 30th, -0001

    u can put salt on it and then press it hard it should comeout because i have done it and it worked on my foot

  16. Fairground
    on November 30th, -0001

    yes soak your foot in warm water with proxide and alittle rubbing alc. burn the tip of a safety pin and then remove the glass be careful not to hard you don’t want to tear your skin no worse

  17. FallingMoon
    on November 30th, -0001

    Use Hydrogen Perioxide first to wash it, Then with Tiny Tweezers, Remove The Glass, Becarefull tho,
    After That, Put on clean socks

  18. Chips
    on November 30th, -0001

    Got any good friends? get one of them to come around with some tweezers that have been sterilized in either alcohol or hot water. Get your foot under some good light and get your mate to use a magnifying glass to see if he can get it out. If not, go to your local GP ( Doctor ) it should nt cost you anything.

  19. BloodFlower
    on November 30th, -0001

    This happened to my mom a few times. If you can’t afford a doctor, DON’T GO TO THE DOCTOR!!! It’s stupid to get into debt for something you can do at home for way less. Soak your foot in epsom salts. I know that sounds painful, but it’s not real salt. It’s just called that. Then dip some tweezers in hydrogen poroxide, and pull it out. Don’t listen to what every one else is saying!! Most people are wimps & it’s not that serious!!! I have a doctor friend and I know what I’m talking about. Hope all goes well.

  20. TheProposal
    on November 30th, -0001

    Worry about money later, and your health now. Go to the doctor. If you leave this untreated it could get infected. If the infection goes untreated, you’ll lose your foot. (as in complete amputation by doctor)

  21. Cocktail
    on November 30th, -0001

    Trying to look at your foot in the first place is a hard job. Ask someone else to look with a flashlight and tweesers. I bet they will have it out in no time.
    Another important question? When ws your last
    tetnus shot, you might need a buster shot so you don’t get lockjaw.

  22. Mayumi
    on November 30th, -0001

    What is more important! Going to a doctor and getting it treated properly, or saving a buck by trying to do it cheaply? If you care about your feet as much as you should, then get a doctor to look at it.

  23. CaptainCrunch
    on November 30th, -0001

    If tweezers don’t work you may try scotch tape. I have used it myself and sometimes when it is to little for tweezers to get out because most of hard to find or see the tape attatches to it and pulls it right out.

    Hope this helps. If not get a friend’s help or go to the doctor.

  24. KoolKermit
    on November 30th, -0001

    stop being stupid! ANY doctor would help you!! just explain situation, to the doctor!!! they are also humans!

  25. PoPCorn
    on November 30th, -0001

    soak your foot in a warm bath, the water will soften the skin tissue and tweezers should help to remove it. If you have epsom salts, add that to the water.

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