HIV from a glass (no, I'm really serious)?

So I was at a bar with a friend and he went to the bathroom. He came back to the table and asked if I wanted a drink, I said sure. When he came back, he was carring the glass around the lip (which I HATE people doing; don’t they realise someone’s mouth has to go there?!?). I felt compelled to drink the drink, and did so, but while I was doing it, I started thinking about all the surfaces he might have touched in the bathroom, and what might have been on them, and how I had essentially put that in my mouth by using the glass. My wisdom teeth are currently coming through, as well, so although my mouth might not be actively bleeding, I know that there are some tender spots — and the mouth is a big mucous membrane anyway. So the question is, could I get HIV this way? I am terrified.