Help Identify Old Elegant Glass Lidded Pitcher?

I have a lovely old lidded pitcher, possibly a lemonade pitcher that I believe to be made by Louie Glass and I’m about crazy with trying to identify it. It originally had glasses as well – but of course my mother sold those…..ack!

Anyway, it’s very fragile, light green with a sort of swirled optic panel pattern, lidded, with an applied black handle. The glasses were frighteningly delicate and light green, and if I remember correctly they were footed and funnel shaped. I have checked every book of Elegant Glass and Depression Era glass I can find to no avail.

There is a photo, on the web site of the West Virginia Glass Museum, of a display of pitchers – and one of them looks incredibly similar. The description merely states that it’s a display of mostly Louis Glass pitchers. I emailed the museum and got nada back from them.

Photos of the pitcher:

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks! That’s her all right – however, they don’t really have it identified as far as maker etc. But that’s the first time I’ve seen it anywhere else!