Glass blowing?

I live in the Naperville-Aurora area, are there any places in which I could go to blow some glass? I’m thinking of doing this with my gfriend, and I’m wondering if there are any glass blowing places in the Naperville-Aurora area.

Or anywhere in the Chicagoland region for that matter…

  1. PassionForDance
    on November 30th, -0001

    There are two kinds of glassblowing torch and furnace. I work at the furnace. Torch is cheaper and takes less space so is more common. Contact community college and community continuing education programs. Furnace sites are much less common. There is an open studio place called Chicago Hot Glass that comes up in Google searches, but with different addresses so you will have to phone as they seem to have shifted location more than once. Also ask them if they know of other places.
    At one point Illinois had three college programs in furnace glass although I believe one has shut down.

  2. Xfactor
    on November 30th, -0001

    Here are a few places. I went to Yahoo! Local search and found them. I don’t know if they’re close to where you live because I don’t live in Illinois.;_ylt=AttN;_ylt=Asrd;_ylt=AhYy

  3. anasaula
    on May 17th, 2011

    Check out wildfire they are in downers grove and can surely help!

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Glass blowing?????

hello , does anyone know where i can do a short practical course in glass blowing in sydney australia ?? just a short course 1 or 2 days ?? thank you

  1. Mayumi
    on November 30th, -0001

    glass blowing? enough of your personal life

  2. CaptainCrunch
    on November 30th, -0001

    once you learn, will you make me a bubble?

  3. KoolKermit
    on November 30th, -0001

    Art school,

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Glass blowing:?

any books that you recommend that show all sorts of techniques for blowing glass?

  1. Wildthing
    on November 30th, -0001

    Interesting question! I took a course in glass blowing back in 1970 at Illinois State University. There are not too many places that have a complete set up with the furnaces and kilns.

    Let me see what I can find for you that is good material.….

    I found these all to be interesting, and quite varied, so hopefully this will keep you busy for a while. Have fun, and stay warm!

    Best wishes!

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