Glass baby bottles?

I live in Houston, Texas, I would prefer to use glass baby bottles over the plastic, because I’m still worried about toxins in plastics. Is there a store, Houston and its surrounding cities, that carries glass baby bottles?

  1. Species
    on November 30th, -0001

    You can get them online at they are 5.95 for a three pack.

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Glass baby bottles???

Does anyone know where I can buy glass baby bottles and if theyre safe for a 6 month old? I was reading that plastic bottles contain toxic chemicals in them that r not good for babies. Any info would b appreciated thanks.

  1. TotallyChilled
    on November 30th, -0001

    Glass Baby Bottles are becoming more popular than plastic bottles because parents are finding out that they are safer for your baby.

    Polycarbonate baby bottles have been tested and found that bisphenol-A migrates from the bottles into the milk. Parents are advised to use glass baby bottles instead of polycarbonate (a clear, shiny, glassy-looking hard plastic). Babies are especially at risk as the amount of toxin ingested is large compared to their body weight. Also a baby’s organs are still growing and will be affected more than those of a fully-grown person. For more information, please click here for the Environmental Health Report on Baby Bottles .

    The Evenflo® Sensitive Response? Clear Glass Bottle is designed with Micro Air Vents? that let baby get an even flow of liquid and help keep air from entering baby’s tummy. Each package includes six clear glass bottles, six natural latex Stage 1 nipples, six cap rings, six sealing discs, and six nipple covers. The Slow Flow Stage 1 nipples are for 0-3 months. As your baby grows, you can replace the Stage 1 nipples with faster flow ones (sold below). Micro Air Vents? allow air to return to the bottle, preventing nipple collapse and keeping air out of baby’s tummy. Sensitive Response? nipples are soft and flexible; and they adjust to baby’s pressure while suckling for the proper flow of liquid.

    Available in 8 oz. (240 ml) or 4 oz. (120 ml) bottles. Convenient markings on the side of the bottle allow you to easily measure ounces (in half ounce increments) and milliliters (in 25 ml increments). Comes with white plastic nipple covers which keep the nipple clean for travel. Dishwasher safe (top rack only). Wash and sterilize all parts thoroughly after each use. Nursers and nipples made in Mexico. Limited satisfaction guarantee provided directly by manufacturer. Do not attempt to enlarge the hole in the nipple; this may cause tearing and present a choking hazard. Glass nursers can break; sudden temperature changes can cause such breakage. Scratching nurser with the wire portion of a bottle brush may cause the nurser to break or crack.

    When bottle-feeding your baby, make sure the nipple hole is of the right size. If your child appears to be sucking too hard, you probably need a fast/medium-flow nipple. An overly resistant nipple could collapse under your baby’s strong sucking motion. On the other hand, if your baby seems to be sputtering and gulping often, your baby could need a slow-flow nipple. For a newborn, you know the nipple size is right when the milk comes out in a spray for a second or two when the bottle is inverted, and then trickles down to drops.

    What is the difference between latex and silicone nipples? Both have advantages, and the choice usually comes down to baby’s preference. Latex is a very smooth, resistant natural rubber. Latex is soft in baby’s mouth and baby may like the way it retains scents, but it doesn’t hold up as well to repeated cleanings and little teeth can quickly chew through it. Silicone doesn’t wear off or retain odors and is much harder for baby to bite through. Silicone is sturdy and easier to clean although it is not as soft on baby’s mouth.

  2. PassionForDance
    on November 30th, -0001

    You could probably buy them on ebay. I wouldn’t use glass bottles, but that’s just me. People have been using plastic baby bottles for a long long time without any problems… I guess just make sure they aren’t coming from China… I could see some toxins there.

  3. Tuskey
    on November 30th, -0001

    my pseudo sister did this. i thought it was ridiculous. how can you ask “is glass safe for my baby?”. we’ve (humans) been giving the same plastic bottles to our kids for years and years. they’re fine.

  4. pandatome
    on November 30th, -0001

    I’m sure they are still available. They are safe unless the baby is holding it themselves which will happen soon. They are too heavy and they will konk themselves on the head.
    I personally like the Playtex ones with a disposible bag in it that you replaced each time. I wouldn’t stress too much on the plastic bottles. There are millions of people out there that had plastic bottles. It will be something new next month that is harmful. You’ll drive yourself crazy with all that stuff.

  5. Guineapig
    on November 30th, -0001

    I’ve seen glass bottles in supermarkets, they are the happy baby brand. As for being safe for a six moth old… I personally wouldn’t use them for a baby that holds there own bottle at all,glass and babies just shouldn’t be put together.

  6. Orchid
    on November 30th, -0001

    I got some bargain glass bottles on ebay they always seem to pop up on there

  7. SkateRForeveR
    on November 30th, -0001

    Some plastics do give off toxins but they have food grade plastic that is different than the cheap baby bottles
    Check with Consumer Reports on which Plastic Ones are not harmful
    IF YOU REALLY want glass try ebay, target,
    used glass bottles are fine because you can just sterilize them before using
    You are a great MOMMY
    PS for anyone that says we’ve been using plastic forever and
    our kids are fine? Is your kid forty yet and has some disease from some unknown reason? Or how about allergys and stomach problems GLASS IS Pure plastic is chemicals you figure it out!
    (i hope you find the glass ones just don’t leave baby alone with them ,dropping and breakage)
    maybe the glass ones are made of safety glass?
    Good Luck! and Congratulations MOM!

  8. MexicanMug
    on November 30th, -0001

    I’ve used glass bottles and I found them to be very easy to clean and the point about the toxines in plastic bottles makes sense.
    They sell glass baby bottles where ever they sell plastic bottles. But I don’t know if they make them in a larger size than for newborns (120ml)
    I wouldn’t let your 6month old drink from the glass bottle while holding it by himself/ herself. But if you feed the baby with it there should be no harm.

  9. Guineapig
    on November 30th, -0001

    Evenflo and Born Free @ Babies R Us

  10. BlindPoet
    on November 30th, -0001

    Babysrus carries glass baby bottles. I think the brand name is called Born Free. I have not used these bottles myself.

  11. AgeingNature
    on November 30th, -0001

    Phylates and PVC’s have been found in Plastic bottles, and it’s rumored that they will release toxic chemicals when microwaved.

    You can find glass bottles in better baby stores, Born free bottles are also great,however they are not Glass but plastic and are Toxic free. Babies at any age can drink from Glass or these Born Free bottles, just make sure you are getting the right nipple size for your baby.

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