Easy Math Word Problems?

Please explain the formulas so I will be able to understand.

4) Ann Tick runs up the “down” escalator in 12 seconds and back down again in 8 seconds. The escalator is 48 feet long. How fast does Ann run? How fast does the escalator move?

6) Deep Though Granola is 25% nuts and dried fruit. Oat Dream Granola is 10% nuts and dried fruit. How much of Deep Though ands how much of Oat Dream should be mixed to form a 20 LB batch of franola that is 19% nuts and dried fruit?

7)Etch Clean Graphics uses one cleanser that is 25% acid and a second that is 50% acid. How many liters of each should be mixed to get a 10L of solution that is 40% acid?

8) Lomasi's two student loans totaled $12,000. One of her loans was at 6% simple interest and the other at 9%. After one year, Lomasi owed $855 in interest. What was the amount of each loan?

9) The rectanglular ground floor of the John hancock building has a perimiter of 860 ft. The length is 100 ft more than the width. Find the length and w