Dream about broken glass?

Had an odd dream and was lead here by an answer to somewhat similar dream interpretation request.

There was a lot going on in the dream but what stays with me is a segment where I started coughing and having to clear my throat, which resulted in coughing up a small piece of glass. The coughing continued and produced more pieces, increasingly larger. The coughing eventually stopped, but by then the pieces were large, so large that I began putting my fingers in my mouth to pull out the pieces, to avoid cutting my mouth by spitting them out.

They became so large that I had to manipulate and turn them in my mouth, in order to get them out past my teeth. Then, I began having to break the pieces, inside my mouth, into smaller pieces, so they could fit between my teeth without cutting me. Then, I was sticking my fingers down my throat to retrieve the pieces.

I was panicked but working methodically on the glass. Never cutting myself. The glass was distinctly from wine glasses.