Do you like me and my friend's story so far?

As I walked up to a big building it felt like the stairs would go on forever.
When I reached the top of the stairs I reached out and opened the big glass door etched with the school crest and went in. I look around at the other kids. Many of them look at me as I enter. I am so nervous. “What are they thinking?” I ask myself

Suddenly as I walk staring at the beautiful art work on the wall i bump into a sluttish girl who spits in my face and walks off. I climbed up and straightened my school uniform out and walked toward the front desk.

I sit at the front next to another girl. she smiles and says “hi” I smile back and say “hi”. She is about to speak but the boy behind her kicks her chair. She looks over her shoulder and frowns. I introduce myself and ask her her name.
She replies in a cute voice ?I?m Henrietta nice to meet you.? Then i get a call from the heads office ?miss plait your turn.?

I stumble slowly over to the room with the sign that says mr roberts office.