A glass of red wine???

I have heard different answers to this so I was just wondering….

Is a glass of red wine once in awhile ok while pregnant???

I am 5 months pregnant and was offered a glass of red wine by my friend who is also pregnant, she said her doctor told her one glass a day is fine? I accepted the drink but didn’t drink it, I felt guilty……is it ok or no?

Please real answers only……first pregnancy….

  1. LighteningBolt
    on November 30th, -0001

    There’s different viewpoints on this. Personally, I did not want to take the risk with any of my pregnancies, so I only drank the equivalent of probably two glasses of wine in the whole time (and one glass of beer before I found out I was pregnant).

    However, I see nothing wrong with an occasional glass of wine every now and then – but as someone else said, if you get a “buzz” from it, you’ve had too much and maybe only have 1/2 a glass.

    Once in a while is not daily though – I would definitely not be drinking alcohol daily, it’s not worth the risk. I think we all have different tolerances, and sure you hear of people who binge drink while pregnant and their babies are “fine”, but there are others who don’t have that sort of tolerance, and you don’t want to find out that your defenceless babe is suffering from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or suffers from learning disorders later in life.

    Don’t feel guilty, but don’t be pressured by anyone into drinking just because they are either – I remember being at dinner once and two couples were shouting at each other about their opposing views – yes, she should drink, no she shouldn’t – it was really embarrassing and I felt they should have minded their own business that it was my choice not to – it was my baby after all!

    Good luck with your pregnancy!

  2. Musicmaker
    on November 30th, -0001

    hmm… im sure its fine. i wouldn’t do it everyday though. maybe just on special occasions.

  3. StoneHenge
    on November 30th, -0001

    NO ALCOHOL is good during pregnancy…
    it gets to the baby at a very fast fast…

    your friend is stupid for drinking and so is her doctor for telling her its ok.

    its not ok at all…. think about it this way.. would you give your newborn baby red wine to drink, no…so why would you drink it while pregnant, it goes right to the baby their as well…

  4. Cat
    on November 30th, -0001

    1 glass of wine OR one beer a day is fine. i never did it with my pregnancy,but my grandma told me its good for the baby. plus you’re 5 months along, all the major development is done.

  5. JunkFoodAddict
    on November 30th, -0001

    I had the occasional glass of wine or a beer while pregnant with both of my daughters. They are both totally healthy and happy. Everything in moderation. Good luck.

  6. pricklycharacter
    on November 30th, -0001

    Hey Cassina 🙂 Actually, I’m not really sure. Once a day isn’t the same as once in a while. I didn’t drink any alcohol while pregnant, which is what my doctor recommended. Occasional would be better than once a day. I consider occasional once or twice a month after 5 months. Not a whole glass, though. That way your baby is formed, for the most part, so it wont change development. Hopefully :/ But I didn’t drink at all.

  7. Iceberg
    on November 30th, -0001

    Yes, it is fine.

    My Dr. told me that an occasional glass of wine would not harm the baby.

    I don’t know about “one a day” but I know I was “okay’d” to have a glass a wine/one beer on special occasions.


  8. Bluerose
    on November 30th, -0001

    I wouldn’t drink a whole glass. A few sips now and then is fine. If you feel a buzz from it, don’t do it. It’s up to you if you want to risk it. Doctors have not figured out a “safe” amount of alcohol that one can drink during pregnancy, so you have to go with your gut. I’ve been DYING for a drink this whole pregnancy, but I choose not to drink. I have friends who have and their kids are fine.

  9. MazMaz
    on November 30th, -0001

    I would stay away from anything alcoholic during a pregnancy.
    If it effects you – it effects the baby………………
    I do know, after the baby is born, it’s ok to drink red wine because it’s good for a nursing mother.

  10. WellBalanced
    on November 30th, -0001

    Since new research concluded that they really do not know how much alcohol is a “safe” amount to drink it is recommended that pregnant women drink none. FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) effects on a baby differ from pregnancy to pregnancy. Some women can drink like lushes the whole time and have a healthy child. Other women can drink very little and have a child with FAS. When I was pregnant one year ago, my doc said that ‘one is probably fine” but I thought “why bother”. I missed my wine while pregnant but why risk it? Enjoy and celebrate with your wine all you want after the baby is born. Good luck! Congrats!!

  11. RingKeeper
    on November 30th, -0001

    this is my first pregnancy also. (6 months)
    My boyfriends family told me it was OK to drink that one glass of red wine, but my family (mostly my mother and grandmother) have told me that its better not to have that glass. My grandmother was a midwife, so I kinda took there advice. You cant be too careful

  12. Connie
    on November 30th, -0001

    It is fine once in a while. It will not hurt the baby. You can also drink a beer occasionally also it helps flush out your kidneys. As long as it’s not an everyday thing it won’t hurt.

  13. SeeingStripes
    on November 30th, -0001

    i asked my doctor the same thing and he said one glass of red wine a day and that was what i did. I had my son 2 yrs ago and he had no complications. Also found out the only time you are not suppose to drink is the first 3 months because the brain and the heart are forming then.

  14. pricklycharacter
    on November 30th, -0001

    no amount of alcohol is safe!!!!
    i would never even think about drinking durring pregnancy!!!!

  15. Aravis
    on November 30th, -0001

    i wouldn’t if i were you just to be safe.

  16. Solitarygrowth
    on November 30th, -0001

    Look honey, a small glass once in a blue moon realy isn’t such a big deal.

    My aunt had this rule, ONCE each trimester of her pregnancy she would treat herself to a small glass of wine with a meal.

    Granted, excess of alcohol during pregnancy is never a good thing, but treating yourself , say three times while your pg is fine, besides if you drink it with a meal, most of the alcohol will be filtered out through your food and digestion.

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A glass of red wine?

My wife?s doctor told her that a glass of red wine after dinner before going to bed would be good for her to drink that the wine would help her to relax. We both have stressful jobs, it is hard to unwind at night and I wouldn?t mind trying some too. We bought a bottle of red wine, the name on the bottle is ?Cavit? and the label also says ?Pinot Noir?. It cost about $10.00, it was so bitter we could not drink it. Does anyone know of a red wine that is sweet and not real bitter that we can try? We can go up on the price if we are able to drink it, we just need something we can drink, relax and enjoy.

  1. BloodFlower
    on November 30th, -0001


    I learned the most about what type of wine I liked by sampling small amounts at tastings. This is a link to tasting opportunities, which have become much more common over the years. There is also usually someone knowledgeable there who can answer your questions.

    No one can tell you what to try. You have to discover on your own since everyone’s pallete is different. You should, however, be able to find something you like in the 5-15 dollar range.

    Also, tastings are fun!

  2. TheProposal
    on November 30th, -0001

    You might try a “white” zinfandel which is generally a tad sweeter and lighter than a zinfadel and considered to be a “casual” wine. Another type would be a cabernet sauvignon; slightly more heavy; a dark wine.
    Each vintner uses a different blend containing hints of flavors such as apples, berries, woody flavors etc. You will have to experiment to find a brand that appeals to you.
    It has been reported that a glass of wine or even a couple of beers in the evening may be beneficial in reducing stress and have positive effects on the heart.
    Sleep tight!

  3. Cocktail
    on November 30th, -0001

    i would actually recommend against white zin. it doesn’t have the health factors that you would get from red wine, so it doesn’t really qualify.

    you might want to try a cabernet. pinot noir can be a problem because it’s often a gritty taste.

    but if you go with a cabernet or a mix of sweeter reds, you’ll be just fine.

  4. Mayumi
    on November 30th, -0001

    wine can be complex and challenging to a first timer. Go to a good wine shop in your area and explain as you did here. They can suggest a number of wines. As suggested above, wines vary a lot and each vintner is different. So you might like Pinot Noir from someone else.

    You should probably start with as light bodied a red wine as you can find to start. A young wine that hasn’t been aged in wood. Beaujolais might be a good place to start. Or start with a rose wine. It has very little skin contact, is served cold and is fruity and a little sweet. You’ll need the sweetness to mask some of the acidity and bitterness you are no accustomed to. The bitterness was probably tannic acid, a natural preservative in wine that allows it to age. Tell someone at the wine store that you want a young light and fruity red wine with no tannins.

    As you taste more wines and experiment you may find that you will appreciate the drier heavy wines but it is too early now.

    I do not recommend just picking up a bottle of cabernet. Some may seem fruity to people here but many are very dry heavy wines that you will like no more than the Pinot Noir.

  5. CaptainCrunch
    on November 30th, -0001

    I am a HUGE Pinot Noir fan and there’s nothing worse than a cheap Pinot! I learned the hard way, too. Don’t let that discourage you from trying other red wines.

    My favorite house wines are Australian wines – Lindemans and Rosemont. They are priced under $10 but you can get them on sale for $5-8.

    I also recommend stopping by your local wine/alcohol store. Let them know you are new to red wine, want something economical and tell them what you want – sweet/spicy, not bitter…… and they’ll hook you up.


  6. KoolKermit
    on November 30th, -0001

    A glass of rossia is comparatively cheap.
    It’s sweet.
    Men prefer white wine.
    Anything goes.
    The wine culture in France and Southen Europe is jazzy.
    Go to the Borrossa in Southern Australia.
    It’s fun and hip.


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