Why would a glass baking dish explode?

literally, nothing caused the glass dish to bust (well at least not that we know of) but it did, in pieces.

-we had it stored inside the oven when not in use, have been for over a year. (its a gas oven)
-the oven was turned off, in fact, not even used for a couple of days.

out of no where we heard a crashing noise. my sis ran to the windows, and ran to the stove. sure enough, glass all inside the oven. do you think the gas in the oven did it? but i dont get it…the bakeware is meant to be inside the oven cooking your food, why would it just burst for no reason?

and plz no stupid remarks like, the oven is haunted or anything. im looking for scientific reasoning, or if this ever happen to anyone?

thank you