What do you think about UV curing WD-40 on glass?

i’m actually a student trying to accomplish an investigative research project. unfortunately for our first topic we cannot find a company who will do it. so i thought about something related and that is UV curing WD-40 onto glass. the substance is typically sprayed and therefore does not stay permanently on glass.
so i guess this will be a technical study-which means we are finding a new way to apply WD-40. we were thinking that UV curing could ,make the WD-40 stay on the glass PERMANENTLY or at least LONGER than it stays when it is just sprayed.
so it’s like, we spray it on the glass and let it pass on the conveyor belt of the UV curing machine. we dont know at the moment the UV density and intensity needed to cure so as of now it will be done trial and error unless someone can advise us on the proper configurations.
. HERE IS THE SITE OF wd-40 in case you guys dont really know what it is.
thanks in advance!