What colors for filling in this stained glass whirlijig?

At this link
are several pictures of a triangle of steel that spins in the wind. Recently, a vicious windy day broke the blue glass shown.
It has always been my intention to fill in the area with glass (for example, the area above the cross bar is the same as below, to balance the weight) but while I have sketched several designs, I have never chosen the colors. Steel rods will be welded like those shown and shaped glass glued in place. Stained glass being limited to 24″ max. places limits on the design. For a sense of scale, the side pieces of 1/2″ square steel are 6 feet long and the little piece at the top is 6″ long. It spins because the top is twisted with respect to the rest and the glass is sagged to fit.
Since we can’t put drawings here, posting colors, especially with reference to stained glass sites is one choice. Sketches can be sent to mike1942f@yahoo.com and I will post them and name of best if OK.