Should we BOMB the middle east and turn it into a giant sheet of glass?

1. While America focuses on finding and killing people of terrorist acts, the terrorist indescrimintely kill.
2. Dropping the bomb will end the war in 12 hours which is about the amount of time needed to fly a bomber overthere and drop the bomb. There wont be any backlash because everyone will be dead and no one will be around to remember.
3. Its much more economical than continueing the war for another 4-10 years and it will save 1000’s of American lives…which is something we can all agree on.
4. We get to perform a live test on the new enhancements using emerging technology for the first time in 60+ years.
5. It sends a very strong message to the rest of the world…if you pursue terrorism as a mean to justify political end or if you harbor terrorist…we will turn your whole county into a sheet of glass which we will then collect and sell for revenue to pay for all the expenditures to level your country.
6. Its safe, its fun, it easy…all we gotta do is push the “button”.