Should i drink a glass of milk a day?

okay, firstly i’d like to know whether people of all ages should drink a glass of milk a day.

because for a long time, i have been practically abstaining from milk and cheeses… no calcium, that means. i need to know whether people should drink milk… eat cheese… urghs.

i used to be very very tall when i was younger. but it seems like recently, i cant grow anymore. at most, a few 0.5cm a year. can my abstaining from calcium have anything to do with this? i am currently 165… my height was 164 when i was 12 and that was the year i started to stop shooting.

i am currently 15. i want to grow taller, can i still? btw, i matured rather quickly… as in, i got my pms when i was 10. can it be a factor in whether i can still grow?

recently someone commented on my shortness of height… and even though i have been bothered with it for very long, this comment sort of woke me up: it’s real, i am short now. so i want to try and make a difference. can i?