Price on an unopened 1982 Cardinals World Series glass bottle of Coca-Cola with incorrectly printed scores?

I was given an unopened glass Coca-Cola bottle from the Cardinals 1982 World Series. The score list was printed on the back of the bottle, however the scores were printed incorrectly and before the error was caught a few of these bottles were in circulation before the score change was printed. Would anyone happen to know what the value of this collectors item is? I would like to sell this on eBay where correctly printed bottles from the 1982 World Series sell for $10.00. The bottle is in perfect condition and the labels (both on the front and back) do not have any scratches on them. The metal bottle top is also in perfect condition. The only flaw is a small smudge of ink the size of a pencil eraser in the bottom right hand corner on the back that must have happened when the bottle was labeled since the ink color matches the ink that was used to print the labels on the bottle.
Any help is greatly appricated!