Legless lizard (glass lizard)?

I’m doing more research into glass lizards.I bought one at a reptile expo earlier today(when purchasing there you get a free vet exam!–so yes,in the next week we’ll be visiting the vet)I did do research on glass lizard care ahead of time(though it can vary depending on subspecies)The breeders told me how to care for this kind,but I always like to know as much as possible for the pet’s sake
I’ve been searching online and can’t seem to find the subspecies.It IS a glass lizard,I know that much,but I haven’t been able to identify the type.It’s nearly an adult–a little over a foot long.Light,cream color with faded brownish lines on parts of the “torso”(the majority of their bodies is the tail. ^^)The thing that has me stumped is it has the tiniest “snout”.The closest thing I can resemble it to is an ant eater’s(though not as long)
I’m not necessarily asking anyone know the subspecies, but if anyone knows a website with different types of glass lizards(with pictures!)I’d be most obliged.