I?ve reached the glass ceiling, should I be happy or make myself miserable working to go make more money?

I?m 25, and I?m an engineer. I have a job that?s related to engineering that?s not stressful, and it pays well. I have the highest salary for what I do, so I?ve reached the glass ceiling. I could make more money if I got a job on which I do actual hands-on engineering work. Engineers who do real work eventually get real fat, and they sacrifice their social life. Most engineers who graduated along with me who got jobs that were really well paid and demanded a lot from them, now look 30 while people tell me all the time I look younger. Some of the guys who used to get many girls back in college, now can?t get any because they?ve let themselves go so much. They have to rely on girls knowing they have a cool car or house to get them interested, while girls are interested in me because I?m very muscular from my free time I use to go to the gym.

I can?t afford the things my college friend can, I could do it if I decided to work like them. Should I, or should be happy with what I have?