Is epoxy the best way to put broken glass pieces together?

I have a bubbler, which is a pipe with a water chamber in it kind of like a mini bong, and it broke right where the handle meets the chamber. It broke into two pieces and they still fit well when you place them together. I was wondering what is the best way to “glue” them back together? I’ve seen people use something called epoxy to fix bongs with similar damage. Is epoxy the best thing to use to fix my bubbler?

And I know smoking weed is illegal and I don’t really care so please don’t even bother with the anti-drug comments. I’m 24, been smoking weed for 10 years, have a college degree, and a good job so please don’t lecture me on weed and drugs in general.

Anyone that can help give me advice how to put these two broken pieces of glass together would be greatly appreciated.