I think i drank a small piece of glass?


Earlier last night i was trying to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener. I placed the edge of the cap on the edge of the table and hit it. The cap came off aswell as a small part of the top of the bottle. It appeared to be a clean break until i noticed a few shards of glass around the top. I wiped them away and transfered the drink to an empty bottle. Everything was fine for the rest of the night except for the slight discomfort i kept feeling on my tongue. when i got home, i looked in the mirror and noticed a very small slit on my tongue, however i still cant be sure if i swallowed any glass and if it was the cause.

Could anyone please tell me what the symptoms would be if the glass was swallowed and if its any real danger?. Also, i know i should probably see a doctor but i think that if doing so, it would be considered rather serious making me worry more about the situation

By the way, most of the pieces i picked off the start were fairly small.