I stepped on some broken glass…?

about two months ago, and I thought I got the glass pieces out. Well, after still being in pain if I walked a certain way, I thought the pain was related to the ‘soreness’ of after being punctured with the damn piece…
If I put direct pressure on the area, I get a sharp pain, but I can’t see the glass. I’ve squeezed where I think the glass is, but nothing comes out, up, or moves, not even blood. I’m thinking the skin’s grown over it, but I’ve tried to use sterilized tweezers and a pin to peel back the skin, but still nothing!!
When I have shoes on, and walk on that foot, the cushioning doesn’t hurt my foot. When I’m barefoot, or even with just socks, it hurts like hell.

I need to know how to remove a piece of glass that’s embedded in the bottom of my foot, that’s not visible.

My doctor had said that it would ‘eventually’ come out on its own…yeah….RIGHT!! It didn’t bother me back then, but suddenly, it’s like the glass moved and now it hurts!! UUUughh…