I keep breaking glass, does anyone know what this might mean?

So one afternoon I went to cook for a friend of mine, and when I opened my cupboard, the entire top shelf collapsed and about 10 heavy glass oven pans fell on me. Thank God they didn’t hit my head, only my feet and sliced me pretty good. That same day, as I was getting ready, I knocked over the glass i was drinking in. That same evening (I swear I couldn’t make this up) I knocked down and broke a shot glass at a party.
The next few days it kept happening. I’d go in the fridge, grab a bowl and it would slip from my hand and fall, break. I was drinking coffee the cup fell off the counter (without my help) I woke up one morning got out of bed and glass was place right by my feet and i knocked it over. Last night i was on the phone and knocked down my glass.
Sorry for rambling but this is so weird. I’m not usually a clumbsy person, it keeps happening with glass. Does anyone know what this might mean? I’m not a believer of bullshit either but if there is any meaning you know of.