I can't stop urinating, even I drink a little taste I pee like I've been drinking a full glass of water?

It all started a couple months ago back when I was having my periods regulary sept. my period came a day early then this oct. it came 2 days early then i had a my period again in the same month which was 4days before it was suppose to start.Its like when I was on my period and I didn’t urinate as frequently.Now that my period is over I pee all the time, and it’s like I can drink a taste and I all of a sudden I have to pee real bad in like the next 5mins. and I pee like I’ve been drinking a full glass of water.I pee all the time more than 8 times of day sometime.Then I’ve had 2 accident while I wa sleep so far?what should I do and what do u think is wrong with me?I also, cant understand why I had 2 periods in the same month either?