I broke my boyfriend's sliding glass door during an argument, should I have to pay to replace it by myself?

My boyfriend and I were arguing after a night of drinking. It got heated and when I went to leave I kicked the corner of the sliding glass door in anger. I was not indending to break it or cause damage, but I did. It is costing me 500 it replace it. I have paid all but 50. I am a single mother and am struggling right now. I feel that he was at least 10 percent of the problem during the arugement and 50 dollars is not much to ask him to pay. I do have a career but it is slow right now. I am trying to juggle a career, school, and daycare and every other expense. Am I asking too much? I know it sounds pathic but it was really hard to come up with 450 and really don’t have the other money.