How do you remove sticky labels from 100?s of glass bottles without strong chemicals or repetitive wrist actio

The Problem ?

Glass bottles are used for laboratory analysis. During sampling and analysis a variety of sticky labels are put on each bottle. 100?s of glass bottles are washed and prepared for reuse for sampling of river water. The bottles must be very clean and have no residue from sticky labels. The bottles get a good soak which removes most of the labels. Very stubborn sticky labels stay on the bottles which are then removed with a pallet knife. The large number or bottles to be prepared means that this work is very repetitive and hard on the wrists.

The Challenge ?

I?d like a machine to remove these labels. Solvents have been tried to little effect and do not remove all types of labels. In fact solvents and other chemicals may contaminate analysis so are generally avoided or have been found to be too dangerous or costly to the environment.

I welcome any suggestions or if you can build a tool/machine or otherwise to solve this problem let me know.