How can i make glass? where can i buy the ingredients.?

glass is made of a sillicous material like sand and a flux; pearlash, nitre, sea salt, red lead, borax, wood ashes. if lead is used it is used in the state of red lead. my question is where can i obtain these materials. obviously i can find sand. but where can i find all those others. preferabely pearlash. could i just use wood ashes to make glass? thats what pealash is……it is ashes from potash. but could i use some other wood ashes… oak, pine, cedar. i would just like to know where i can obtain all those things. the most important are red lead, pearlash, and nitre (pottasium nitrate). also potash and borax. i have enough heat to make the glass and i will be able to have these ingredients groud to a powder.