How can I get fused and/or broken ground glass labware apart?

Please answer only if you are a lab tech/chemist/ or other such person who deals with these items and problems. Thanks!

More info:
I am working with Kjeldahl distillation flask with a sloped T-joint (an Eay-Dist apparatus setup) I tend to have problems with the ground glass of the T-joint fusing to the ground glass of the Kjeldahl tube. Recently we have started applying teflon grease between the joints which is helping but makes everything sticky! Yuck! :o) I still have some Kjeldahl tubes/T-joints fused that I cannot get undone AND several Kjeldahl tubes that have the ground glass end of the T-joint broken off inside them. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to unstick them or remove the broken and fused T-joint ends from the tubes? We have tried solvents, heating and cooling etc.. So far we only usually end up breaking the glass and cutting our fingers! LOL Any help or ideas welcome! Thanks! :o) Chris