Does light losses energy when passing through a block of glass?

When light shines on an object, the object absorb energy and is heated up. When light passes through transparent object such as a block of glass, will the glass being heat up too? If yes, does the light losses its energy? If yes, does the frequency of light change? Where the light energy is quantized as photon.
Based on my understanding, the light does loss energy by reducing its frequency. However, light at higher frequency than visible light region such as ultraviolet reduces to visible region, light at visible region reduces to infrared region, therefore, the changes of light frequency cannot be observed. The light from the Sun that able to enter into atmosphere is only ultraviolet A and below. When light passes through the atmosphere, light losses its energy by reducing its frequency. Therefore, we can only see the sun in yellow or red color, where ultraviolet A light reduces to yellow and red, while the original yellow and red light reduce to infrared as heat in atmosphere.