Christians, does Christianity feel like being trapped in a glass box?

What I mean is, being Christian is sort of like being stuck in the glass box of what Christianity says is right and wrong, right? You sort of have to stand by and witness the inexorable march of human progress.

You’ve had to watch science chip away at most of what you were told was true about the natural world.

You’ve had to watch society abandon provincial Christian attitudes concerning sex, family, marriage, and entertainment.

Christian sway over politics and government has been replaced by money and powerful corporations, many of which are owned by atheists like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

Christian credibility is being destroyed by buffoons like Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort, ignoramuses like Bill O’Reilly, and pure embarrassments like the Creation Museum.

The US is currently about 10% atheist & growing. The average person today wants better explanations than, “the bible is true because it says so” or “the universe just had to have a creator.”

How does this make you feel?