Chemistry Lab Question… about metal etching! Plz Help!?

Chemistry – Metal Etching Question

Ok, i am doing a lab report on metal etching.

Here are the steps i have so far…..
1. Acid Etch – Cu and HNO3 -> Cu(NO3)2 + H2
2. Edinburgh Etch – Cu and FeCl3 -> CuCl2 + Fe
3. After the edinburgh etch process, the waste solution was collected. What ions would u expect to find in the solution? I found Cu2+ and Cl- ions.

This is where i am having problems…….. Step 4……
4. Cu was recovered from the waste solution (CuCl2 + Fe) by adding fe Powder. HCL was then added to remove excess Fe Powder (There are 3 reactions here)…

There are multiple steps then involved.

If CuCl2 + Fe -> FeCl2 + Cu
and the last reaction is HNO3 -> NO2 + H20,

what happens inbetween those 2 reactions. What is the formula?

Thanks for any help! 😀