A Sparrow hit the glass on my porch?

When I was outside working earlier I found a little sparrow that had hit the glass on my porch. It was lying on it’s back but still alive. As I got closer to check on it, it started fluttering trying to get up, flipped rightside up but fell over onto it’s back again.

I put some gloves on and gathered it up, putting it inside a small box filled with grass. It fluttered around in the box trying to get right side up, but it doesn’t seem to be able to. This was about 2 hours ago.

I checked on it again and it’s still in the box but upside down again, however it is breathing. Is there anything more I can do for it? Should I flip it rightside up or what?

I’m not sure what it could have done since it can still kick and flutter (and bite). It doesn’t have any blood on it, or from it’s beak. I’d think if it broke it’s neck/back it would be dead, or at the very least it wouldn’t be able to move.